Video dominates all other forms of marketing guaranteed. Video marketing is several times stronger than any standard marketing. Google is now using what they call the universal search where they’re indexing videos from places like Google Video and YouTube directly into their search results. Video content is the future of the internet and an amazing way to generate free traffic to your website.

Not all types of videos are useful so, you need to be careful to cater your videos to the market your in. The best videos can generate a massive amount of traffic, but they must educate the viewer on what you’re trying to get across to them. Once you’ve created your video, you must know the proper places to distribute the video online. With video marketing popularity is king.

YouTube is by far the leader in video marketing. Before you go about creating videos it’s critical you perform some general market research on your chosen topic. There are thousands of videos in any category on YouTube. Go through YouTube and make notes of the videos that have a very high view count about your chosen topic. It will always be different depending on the market you’re looking into. Once you have a list of article’s with a high view count, note down the common characteristics of these articles and your thoughts on why this is. Then implement these characteristics when creating your online video.

Here are five video marketing tips that will set you apart from your competition:

1. Market Research. This is a critical part of submitting any successful online video. Technorati is a resource you can use to find out what the latest video trends are. Take note of videos that are getting included in multiple blogs and take note of how these videos have been created. Technorati will show you how many links have been created per video by people including the video on their blogs.

2. Include URL at the start of your description. To ensure you generate the greatest amount of traffic as possible, be sure to include the URL to your website first thing in the description.

3. Include URL in the video itself. It’s best to have your URL show up throughout the entire video. One way to do this on any video background surface is to make the color of your URL show up in white with a black shadow. This will ensure your URL shows up no matter what color background is in your video.

4. Main keyword in title and description. It’s important to include your main keyword in the title of your video and at least once in the description, preferably twice if you can.

5. Video Podcasting. The single most powerful method in video marketing is video podcasting. This is simply a series of video files which are distributed over the Internet by syndicated downloads through web feeds, portable media players, and personal computers. Anyone that is subscribed to your podcast will be notified when you release a new podcast in your series. This is a great way to build an army of online followers.

The majority of people with products on the internet may create videos, but they simply do not understand video marketing and how they can properly get a lot of free traffic by effectively marketing their videos. If you use the techniques explained in this article, you’ll already be one step ahead of your competition. Before you create any online video, always do a little bit of market research to see what the most popular videos are doing. Take note of the techniques they are using and model off these when creating your videos. The most important aspect to remember with video marketing is that popularity is king. Online video is certainly the way of the future. This wraps up my article on video marketing.