As technology is in its mission to improve its status, it has influenced every imaginable sector in human activity. Our lives have been made simple and as a result, there have been many opportunities that promote productivity and efficiency. Numerous domestic and universal businesses are participating in the revolutionary technology which results in enhancement of their processes and more so, the experience that their customers receive are improved. Therefore, the fact that industries dealing with relocation are initiating technology is not a surprise. Due to this, their clients receive immediate solutions as well as low and transparent prices.

As a result of lack of strict rules, regulations and transparent pricing, transporting valuable products from one place to another or moving into a new apartment are challenging and frightening. In addition, the sector remains much disorganized and the customers are not satisfied because of lack of skilled management and poor service personnel who deal with clients. In India and other cost-sensitive countries, clients will always go for the relocation providers whose IT relocation services are cheaper. However, the get trapped without knowledge since such providers do not take responsibility for damages and breakages. As a result of coming up with poor user experience, the plans of the customers contradict with the one at hand making the transaction more costly. Due to technology, such problems can be resolved since it helps to organize the sector, create transparency and the customers are able to monitor their properties. Customers are therefore able to have a better experience in the process.

The relocation firms find their tasks simplified and the customers find it reliable and convenient due to the use of technology. As a result, every existing relocation firm is destined to offer their customers the best services as possible through pricing instantly, live-tracking, mobile apps, automation and digital catalogues. Let us go through the latest technological innovations that are to be implemented by top relocation service providers so as to attract customers who are in the relocation sector currently.

Insta pricing

The hidden costs that the relocation service providers charge at the time which the final payments are being made have made customers make complaints. Some IT relocation services providers such as Sunspeed, attract customers with their low rates, after which they increase the prices of the initial figure by the use of value-added services. Such services can be disassembling some goods or the delivery costs since the service providers in other locations were not able to park. As a result, we came up and introduced a special model of insta-pricing on the platform. Shift Karado, a technology developer, forces the model to present the correct price for moving any amount of goods instantly from one location to another. The technology also reports charges according to distance, nature of goods and its weight. This means the initial price is also the final price that you will pay.

Digital catalogue

With a digital catalogue, the customers ought to have an idea of the cost to be charged by the service provider that is reasonably clear. More so, the customers will be comfortable and will feel the reliability and the transparency of the service providers. The customers are able to choose their preferred packers and movers for their budget easily if it is made clear how the distance between the two locations and the weight of the properties influence the final price of the services.

Mobile apps

It takes much longer time than the agreed for numerous service providers to transport the belongings of their customers. During such periods, the customers may not know where their belongings are and the time they will have to wait for the goods to be delivered. Using smartphones and devices with GPS enables customers to monitor their goods in transit and know the time of arrival.


Almost all companies are adopting robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) so as to offer tireless and error-free services. Other than the facilitation of pick-up and drop schedules, AI has the ability to streamline several functions. As a result, they gain a competitive advantage by reducing the time and cost of delivery. The robots help the service providers avoid accidents when loading and unloading. Due to this, expensive items are well handled when shifting.

The world that we currently live in is a dynamic one where a larger percentage of people go after their dreams and ambitions to move their belongings from one home to another. Technology has a positive impact on several other sectors. Industries dealing with IT relocation services should also unsettle and improve.