1. Increasing your digital and social footprint

In this case, you will not consider Twitter and Facebook even if they are essential but will consider things like LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and CrunchBase. If you share your content on this social channels, you will create higher attention of the users which can increase the opportunities for getting backlinks. If you get backlinks from reputable and verifiable sources such as CrunchBase, it will be easier for you to get an algorithm that can make google plex to rank your site above others.

2. Make your site secure by using https

This is a faster fix to your site. https assists in safeguarding your information and your connection to a website as it tells Google that your site in unguarded. It is good to know that all search engines do work better with secure sites.
Fixation of any links that may have broken

Google analytics is one thing that can assist you to know any links that may have broken on your site. You can get them if you do not have as they are free. To identify this broken links, you will have to log into the search console by using an intelligent search tool will be able to see the craw errors. From this will be able to see some of the URLs that may be dead in your site.

3. Making your site to be mobile friendly

So many people are trying to build their site on a mobile flax template. If you wish to make your site to be mobile friendly you can install an AMP plugin in case you are running it on an open source platform such as Wix or WordPress, or will compress the images or increase the font size. Experts have revealed that about 60% of users are using mobile devices and this number continues to increase every day.

4. Updating older content

One of the best SEO tricks it to keep on updating your existing pages and posts as Google likes to display content that has been recently updated. This is because it if one of the guidelines that they use in ranking a feature that made to start displaying the date when the content was published when you are searching it. This is the reason why it is not easy to get someone clicking on an article that is more than two years old.

5. Using of long tail keywords

SEO depends mainly on the keywords; if you are using generic and short terms, it will be difficult for you to see the results. The best thing you can do is by using long tail keywords starting from the title, subheading and the blog that you are writing. This long keywords have less competition and are more specific which makes it easier for you to rank them. For instance, you can try to use the best black coffee in a particular city instead of merely writing black coffee.

6. Designing your site to load faster

No single person in this world will like to interact with a website that is sluggish. If your site does not load within a few seconds so many people will abandon it and go the ones that load faster. It is good that you contact the speed test experts or sites such as gtmetrix.com so that they can assist you in checking the load time of your website. They will help in removing unused plugins, unwanted clutter and other things on your website which are making it slow.

7. Making use of latent semantic indexing

SEO is highly involving to the point that you may feel that it would have been better if Google changes their policies and rules. Nowadays google uses latent semantic indexing in determining to rank a feature which is easy to understand compared to the title implies. This is merely a retriever and an indexing technique that can get synonyms of the keywords and identifies the patterns in text. It assists google in understating any topic that your content will cover and how relevant it is to any user who will search it.