Just like website content, web photos also need search engine optimization( SEO) for them to be visible to as many people as possible. It is a practice that has been gaining increased popularity among the online users especially those who use such pictures for commercial purposes. The way you post your photo largely determines how the target audience is likely to react from the image itself. The last thing that any serious entrepreneur would want is for the buyer to have a wrong first impression about the product in the picture just because it’s not appealing. Apart from that, when a user searches for a particular image, the search engine will give feedback depending on a number of things.

Stuffed photos on your website: Just like in keyword density used in web content, in as far as you want to stuff it in your website, it has to look natural. Piles of photos in your website will not only make you appear unoriginal but may also be irrelevant. Remember that your competitor may be selling the same product and may also be using the same photo as your, so what will make the user to like your image and your competitor’s? Well, the answer is straight forward, you have to look original and realistic.Most of these images are computer generated and most internet users know that which means that in as far as you want to look appealing you should avoid overdoing it!

The use of original quality photos: Search engines is a software that has been designed to scan through available resources on the internet and provide the user with only the best options there is. Picture quality is one of the factors that search engines used to determine the relevancy of the photo provided. This, therefore, means that the higher the quality of picture you add to your website, the higher the chance of it appearing on top of the SERP. For quality pictures, you may need to use devices with higher picture quality or use the available applications to enhance the quality. Let the quality of your pictures attract as many people as possible to your website!

Beware of the copyright: If there is something search engine has been designed to handle with a lot of care is the originality of materials in the internet and photos are not an exception. If you have to download your image from whatever source, be keen on the copyright issues to avoid being sued for illegal or improper use of another companies image in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Use other tools to enhance the quality and the general appearance of an image. As earlier mentioned, the search engines are very sensitive to quality and would only go for the best. You may, therefore, need to consider picture editing tools like the photoshop software where you may design the original picture to appear in a way that would not only catch the users attention but also give them that personal touch with the image and send a message at the same time.

Last but not least, you may need to consider the size of your images. Remember that the larger the size the more the time the user may have to wait as it loads. Unfortunately, most people are not that patient which means that you may need to consider compressing your image to a much favorable size that would be much easier to load. Luckily, with the help of available photo editing software, you can easily edit all these including the portrait and only post that image that meets your preferred standards.