Search engine optimization ( SEO ) is often perceived as opaque and difficult to understand. The cause of this is often a lack of or not well-thought-out reporting. Because SEO is and remains data-driven. Sophisticated SEO reporting and appropriate tools make SEO measures comprehensible.

Why is SEO Reporting at all?

In e-commerce and more and more in the Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools service sector, SEO traffic is often an important pillar of the whole business. Compared to paid traffic, through search engine advertising (SEA), the cost of search engine optimization is relatively low. Often a third to a half of all visitors come across this channel. It is, therefore, all the more important to set up a good SEO reporting in order to constantly monitor the most important SEO KPIs. Only in this way can developments be monitored, evaluated and appropriate measures derived.

Because changes in the rankings – through […]